What to Expect

Singing lessons often start with a vocal warm up to develop vocal technique based on ease of breath and appropriate muscle coordination followed by learning repertoire. I strongly encourage students to audio record their lessons to refer back to during the week’s practice at home. Singing lessons for children areĀ usually 30% vocal exercises to learn about the voice and how to use it healthfully, 10% ear training and sight-singing, followed by 60% working on songs.

For piano lessons I teach a traditional and time tested note reading technique while supplementing playing by ear, ear training and sight reading. By focusing on finger coordination and learning to read music, students will develop the tools necessary to become well rounded independent musicians.

All students are asked to buy their own music books which can range in price between $7.00-$25.00. Some singing books come with CD accompaniments which can be used at home for rehearsing.

Recitals give students a practical goal to work towards and an opportunity to present their knowledge. It is important for beginning students to have a safe encouraging place to perform. There is at least one opportunity per year for students to prepare for and present at a recital. Donations on a sliding scale will be asked of all singing students to compensate the accompanist hired for the dress rehearsal and performance.

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