Sing & Play: Workshop for singers who self accompany

If you sing and play an instrument at the same time, this is the workshop for you.

This full participation hands-on workshop will help you to find your best voice while playing your instrument. Vocal techniques will include exercises and practice in breath control, articulation, range expansion as well as other important concepts to be covered in both full and small group activities.

About the Workshop
We’ve taken what we know to be successful voice building exercises and added accompaniments for a variety of accompanying instruments, for a variety of proficiencies. These exercises help musicians develop their vocal instrument while helping them practice the independence/dexterity needed to perform on two instruments at once.

What we offer is a method to build coordination between the singing voice and instrumental abilities of the singer in question. Frequently, the musician has given thought to the individual instruments (voice & piano or guitar & voice, for example) without considering the difficulties of combining the two. Our progressive platform addresses coordination skills intended for the beginning multi-instrumentalist all the way up to the seasoned professional.

The Day
Section 1 This is a general warm-up without accompanying instruments; Meghan or Jeff leading from the piano. Participating musicians are led through a progression of exercises starting with body alignment and breath management leading to vocalises incorporating phonation, resonation, articulation and then agility.

Section 2 This is a round robin where participants can present two songs of their choice.

Section 3 The third section includes a presentation on the anatomy of the vocal instrument including a discussion of registers and the coordination of all the parts of the vocal instrument. This is followed by a discussion of theory basics like scales, building chords, inversions and common chord progressions.

Section 4 The bulk of our time is devoted to body awareness exercises, negotiating the two instruments, and includes 6-8 vocalises which you will accompany that progress from breath management through phonation, resonation, and coordination. These build from one to the next as we address tension and holding.

We provide a handout for each participant with accompanying models for their level of proficiency. Many options are written out ahead of time, and other accompaniments are created on the spot as needed to ensure ease or challenge as appropriate.

Section 5 We end the seminar with a masterclass. Participants present their two songs from Section 2 while Jeff and Meghan coach them individually on vocal technique and related concepts. Everyone is encouraged to support and respond to each other.

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Jeff Rolka

About Us
Singer/songwriter, Jeff Rolka, has extensive recording and performing experience singing and playing, and teaches private voice to contemporary commercial musicians. Jeff brings the practical experience from the recording studio and stage to finding the balance when performing with two instruments at the same time.



Meghan Dibble

Meghan Dibble is a performing classical & musical theater singer who teaches private voice in her home studio as well as Vocal Pedagogy at San Francisco Conservatory of Music. Meghan brings a bel canto technique to the styles of CCM while helping to find a balance between what is healthy and what is stylistically appropriate.

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